Terms of service and conditions of use

Applicable to the online shop OUTLET-MOVEMENT

1.1 By accessing and using this website, whether as a registered user or not, you declare that you have read, understand and agree to the Terms of service and Conditions of use.
1.2 You may NOT make any commercial use of the site or its content. Any use for commercial gain, notably in order to resell goods purchased through the online shop, is strictly forbidden.
1.3 By making a purchase through outlet.movementskis.com, you accept the Terms of service and Conditions of use between you and outlet.movementskis.com. These terms are applicable for any purchase made via the online shop.
1.4 We reserve the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. Please consult the terms on our website regularly to remain informed of any changes.

2.1 Access to certain sections of the website require you to create an account. In setting up an account, you certify that you are authorized to do so in your name. You certify that the information you give is accurate and devoid of confusion. An account can only be created by a physical person who is of legal adult age in his or her country of residence and is 18 years of age or over.
2.2 When you create an account, you must provide accurate, precise, up to date and complete information about yourself upon sign-up, as well as maintain and update this information. If you give inaccurate, false or incomplete information about yourself, or if outlet.movementskis.com has reason to believe your account information is willfully false, inaccurate or incomplete or that you do not conform to the Terms and Conditions of use, outlet.movementskis.com reserves the right to suspend or erase your account and to refuse future use of the website without need to provide justification of their decision.

3.1 You are responsible for the strength and confidentiality of your password, as well as any activity on your account while logged in with your password.
3.2 You must inform outlet.movementskis.com immediately about any fraudulous usage of your password or account or any other security breach to your account. Make sure you log out of your account after every session. Outlet.movementskis.com is not responsible for any loss or damage due to your non-compliance with these conditions of use.

4.1The content of the site is provided as is and may not be used, copied, redistributed, transferred, sold or exploited in any way other than consulting the website itself. To this end, outlet.movementskis.com authorizes you limited, revocable and non-exclusive access to the website and to use the content for private use only. If you wish to reproduce or copy content for any other purpose, please contact us at the corresponding address on our website, outlet.movementskis.com.
4.2 You promises to not violate any legal norm, nor use the site for an illicit purpose. You may not give false, incomplete or inexact information, nor make use of viruses, Trojan horses, worms, malware or any other software created to tamper with, damage, intercept data and/or personal information or bypass security protocols.

5.1 The merchandise on the site is available for the duration of the sale and as long as supplies last. The quantities available indicated on the site correspond to the daily stock inventory. In the case of a delay in the processing of orders a product is no longer available, outlet.movementskis.com can at any time cancel the order and reimburse the user the amount already paid.

6.1 The prices are in Swiss francs and VAT is included in the listed price. The price is applied during the duration of the sale. Delivery costs are included in the listed price and are shown in “My cart” in the order form.
6.2 Customs and import fees apply to merchandise sold in Switzerland to destinations in and outside the European Union. The responsibility of the seller ends when the product is shipped to the address given by the client. It is the responsibility of the buyer to pay any eventual customs fees or other associated costs.
6.3 Due to variability in supplier rates, prices are subject to modification at any time. Prices may also change due to sales or promotions.
6.4 In the case of a mis-printed price, for example due to typographical error, we reserve the right to charge the cost price of the article. You, the client, have the possibility to either accept the cost price or cancel your order.

7.1 All product photos on our Online-Shop are not contractually binding. By clicking on “Validate my order”, you authorize the order for the items in your “My Cart”. The sales contract is concluded upon receiving the order confirmation email, with reserve to the availability of the items in stock.
7.2 The monetary amount of the purchase made on the site is due at the time of order without discount. The payment is made exclusively by credit card (Visa, Mastercard). Postcard or EC. The order amount will be immediately debited upon order confirmation.
7.3 Outlet.movementskis.com does not have access to confidential information relative to the method of payment. This information is encrypted and sent securely to PostFinance et Six and outlet.movementskis.com does not have access.
7.4 We store your bill and send you the details of your order by email. You can consult this order summary from the “My Orders” menu in “My Account”.
7.5 Default of payment. Outlet.movementskis.com reserves the right to refuse delivery or to refuse to honor an order from a client who has any unpaid or partially unpaid bills from previous orders or if there is any ongoing litigation.
7.6 Anti-fraud verification
The information relative to a client order can be subject to verification in order to help reduce credit card/bank card fraud. Outlet.movementskis.com receives the data linked to a client order. Non-transmission of said data may result in blocking your order. Payment failure arising from a fraudulent use of a credit/debit card will result in this information being registered in your client file. Any irregularities or anomalies could also result in further investigation.
7.7 Ownership rights
Outlet.movementskis.com remains owner of the delivered merchandise until full payment by the client. These dispositions do not hinder the transfer of risks to the buyer in case of loss or damage to or caused by the products from the date of delivery.

8. VAT
8.1 All prices include VAT. Prices are subject to change.

9.1 Orders are sent to the address indicated at the time of order. (The delivery address is always a store).
9.2 Outlet.movementskis.com delivers currently only to Switzerland but will deliver to the European Union in the near future.
9.3 Products are delivered to the store chosen in shopfinder on outlet.movementskis.com at a cost of CHF 13.95 + VAT.
9.4 Unless expressly stated at the moment of order, delivery time is approximately 2 to 7 working days counting rom the validation of the order. The delivery date indicated in the order confirmation email is an estimate only.
9.5 Outlet.movementskis.com is not responsible for delivery delays or problems. After the sale is processed, outlet.movementskis.com is released from any responsibility once the products are in the hands of LaPoste or other parcel delivery service.
9.6 Delivery costs are indicated in the “My Cart” menu and are subject to client approval before validating each order.

10.1 Fabrication or other product defects should be declared in writing to customer service (info@movementskis.com), within 20 days upon receiving the merchandise. For returns, the defective items should be indicated on the delivery document. We shall not be responsible for any fabrication or material defects not declared in writing after the 20-day period.

11.1 Purchases can be returned within 10 days of delivery, in their original packaging. In the case of a partially delivered order, the deadline begins when all items in an order are received. We accept only intact, unworn or unused articles, with the corresponding delivery document. If any wear or customer-caused damage is found, we reserve the right to keep partial payment, determined according to our estimation of the damage. Return shipping costs are at the customer’s charge and the date of receipt shall be deemed to be the date of the postmark. (No returns are possible for sale items).

12.1 Outlet.movementskis.com reserves the right to modify or temporarily or definitively shut down the website, or any part thereof at any time and without notification. Outlet.movementskis.com is not liable to you or any third party for any modification, suspension or shutdown of the website or its service. Any content can be out of date at any moment and outlet.movementskis.com is not responsible to keep the site content up to date.

13.1 Outlet.movementskis.com can at any moment at its own discretion partially deny or block your access to all or parts of the site, as well as delete or disactivate any or all of your accounts and the information and notifications relative to said accounts, without liability to you and without need for justification.
13.2 You recognize that outlet.movementskis.com can cancel your password, your account or your use of the website for lack of activity or if it determines you have violated the Terms of use. Outlet.movementskis.com can also remove or delete any product from the website, stop supplying the website or any part thereof, at its own discretion and at any time, with or without warning. You agree that the suppression of your access to the website, as per the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, can be put into effect without notification and you recognize and agree that outlet.movementskis.com can immediately disactivate or erase from your account all information and or forbid any future access to these files or the site. In addition, you understand that outlet.movementskis.com will not engage with you in any manner of communication concerning the cancelation of your access to the website, either with yourself or a third party.

14.1 We decline any responsibility in the case of improper use of our products, which could cause degradation of the product in question or any eventual injuries for the user.

15.1 These Terms and Conditions, (including the specific Conditions applicable to certain services), constitute the full accord between you and outlet.movementskis.com concerning this subject: they replace or cancel all previous accords, arrangements and engagements between you and outlet.movementskis.com, whether verbal or written, with respect to this subject. You can be held to additional Terms and Conditions which apply when you use parent services, third party content or software.
15.2 The fact that outlet.movementskis.com does not implement or apply all rights or provisions of the Terms and Conditions does not constitute a renouncement of said rights and provisions.
15.3 If a provision of the Terms and Conditions is judged void, the concerned parties agree nonetheless that their intentions as stressed in the provisions will be implemented if possible and that the other provisions of the Terms and Conditions remain in full effect. The titles of the articles of the Terms and Conditions are for convenience of reference only and do not carry any judicial or contractual weight.
15.4 You can neither give control of or transfer your rights and obligations, nor outsource your obligations as per the current user conditions. Outlet.movementskis.com can give control or transfer all rights and obligations or subcontract any of its obligations as per the current user conditions to a third party at any moment, without needing your consent (this consent being given by this arrangement)

16.1 When you place an order, confidential information is saved by outlet.movementskis.com. This information is then the property of outlet.movementskis.com and will not be transmitted to third parties.
16.2 We will not send email other than email concerning your orders. Your email address will not be used for promotional purposes.
16.3 We hope to offer a superior quality service at the best possible price. In order to do this, we reserve the right to adapt our procedures at any time.
16.4 If you have any questions concerning the confidentiality of your information, please contact us at: info@movementskis.com.

17.1 The order page is protected by an SSL certificate.
17.2 f you have any questions concerning website security for www.outlet.movementskis.com, please contact us at: info@movementskis.ch.
17.3 We take the necessary precautions to secure the details of your order and payment, but, except in the instance of negligence on our part, we cannot be held responsible for any loss caused by non-authorized access to the information you have provided.

18.1 The company outlet.movementskis.com is released from its obligation to deliver in the event of a case of force majeure.

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