284.70 949.— - 70%

Big powder days need a big ski! The SUPER TURBO is not your average girls’ ski. This is an exceptional girls’ ski. Incredibly light for its size at just 2.0 kg in 178cm. Huge tip rockers allow the SUPER TURBO EVO to float immediately and still turn, whenever the rider decides. This ski simply chews up the terrain – whatever the mountain can throw at it – giving the rider the impression that he is flying. With a solid construction, the SUPER TURBO reacts well to strong forces from the skier and changes direction quickly despite being very stable at high speed. This one is very much the pinnacle of female freeride skis.

2nd Choice : These are skis with cosmetic irregularities.
Size (cm) Width (mm) Radius (m) Weight (kg)
178 144 - 115 - 129 21 2.0