319.60 799.— - 60%

The FLY SWATTERis incredible. Whether you’re Kevin Guri throwing down the winning run at the Verbier Xtreme in 2013 or Roman Grosjean boosting huge kickers in the backcountry, the FLY SWATTER is the tool of choice! This one isn’t just for the pros though and puts you at ease from the moment you clip in for the first time. Many skiers have named this the most fun yet radical ski they’ve ever ridden. Equipped with huge Twin Rocker tips, the FLY SWATTER floats instantly and reacts instantly to rider input. Once in the air, this ski is perfectly balanced to allow huge rotations with perfect cushioned landings. The camber and flex pattern let the ski glide through any terrain with impunity whatever the snow type. It’s hard to think of a better choice of ski for those big days.

2nd Choice : These are skis with cosmetic irregularities.
Size (cm) Width (mm) Radius (m) Weight (kg)
185 150 - 125 - 145 18