359.60 899.— - 60%

Are you ready to hit the gas? The SUPER TURBO has regularly been used as a benchmark in the Freeride-Big Mountain category and continues to be the clear leader in this segment with its incredible performance. The SUPER TURBO EVO is THE tool for big powder days, yet despite its imposing size, it is very easy to swing this ski from one turn to the next. But where it really comes into its own is on the big open pitches where you can just let it chew up the mountain. A freeride superstar ski!

2nd Choice : These are skis with cosmetic irregularities.
Size (cm) Width (mm) Radius (m) Weight (kg)
178 144 - 115 - 129 21
188 144 - 115 - 129 22
198 150 - 120 - 135 23