GO BIG 2016

449.50 899.— - 50%

GO BIG is the successor of the Super Turbo. The new modern and full rocker shape makes it unique – there are no compromises. POWDER is the GO BIG’s natural environment. The imposing 115mm underfoot width added to its ultra progressive full rocker shape means that the GO BIG can only float - flying over any terrain and accelerating at any opportunity. Despite its size, the geometry makes it an easy ski to handle. Quick turns between the trees and obstacles are a piece of cake.swinging. Light cottonwood core, “tri-axial” fiber, support of fiber F19, ABS edge – all of this adds up to a ski which is going to bring smile to your face from the top to the bottom of the mountain.

2nd Choice : These are skis with cosmetic irregularities.
Size (cm) Width (mm) Radius (m) Weight (kg)
189 145 - 115 - 127 24 2.15 +/- 30gr