746.85 1149.— - 35%

We wanted to redefine our mountain line and we did it with the new ALP TRACKS range. Movement has written a new story with the ALP TRACKS line, which is a new technological marvel. The line expands with a new model of ALP TRACKS, the result of precise HAND MADE construction in a limited production run. Staying on track with our construction, a combination of high density carbon fibers specially developed for MOVEMENT skis. The ALP TRACKS line is dedicated to the most passionate mountain and professional skier looking for an exclusive product. The composition allows for a unique and exceptional glide as well as a perfect transition between different types and temperatures of snow. This line represents the pinnacle of our technological & performance advances in this sector.

2nd Choice : These are skis with cosmetic irregularities.
Size (cm) Width (mm) Radius (m) Weight (kg)
170 130 - 100 - 118 18 1.15
177 132 - 100 - 120 19 1.19
185 132 - 100 - 120 20 1.22